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Compass Launches Interactive home Search device ‘Collections’

Compass has launched an interactive domestic search device, Collections, that allows homebuyers and precise estate specialists the capacity to collaborate on a portfolio of residences, the enterprise currently introduced. A beta edition of the device become rolled out to Compass agents and their customers in November 2016.

“Collections is the true property business’s answer to the modern method individuals want to shop,” says Leonard Steinberg, president of Compass. “today, every little thing is ready curation and personalization. With that in intellect, we set out to construct an intuitive and visually compelling way for customers and buyers to search for a home and interact with our brokers. Collections helps the homebuyer think in manage of the procedure and makes attempting to find or selling a house much less cumbersome and extra unique.”

The device provides agents the capacity to share precise-time updates, equivalent to availability and cost changes, with consumers, as well because the ability to talk with them—key for multigenerational or foreign places buyers. brokers can also create a public assortment to show off market knowledge, in addition to reveal comparably priced homes to shoppers throughout negotiations.

It enables homebuyers and agents to:

organize ListingsChoose a group of properties to start a collection the use of Compass’ search equipment. Listings can also be introduced or removed from a collection at any time.

display screen PropertiesStay updated on availability and pricing of houses protected in a collection. manage the frequency and delivery components of indicators.

focus on buildings of InterestStart a dialog with an agent on an individual list or start a dialogue on the ordinary assortment.

Collaborate with friends and FamilyInvite your companion, fogeys or interior designer to be part of the collection and engage in the dialogue or their own houses for consideration.

For greater tips, please discuss with www.compass.com.

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Compass Launches Collections, the primary Interactive device for domestic consumers and marketers

long island, March 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Compass, the technology-driven precise estate enterprise, today unveiled its newest construction in the mission to modernize residential precise property with the launch of Collections. the primary in reality interactive online domestic search tool, Collections makes it possible for homebuyers and their brokers the means to arrange, computer screen, talk about and collaborate on a hand-picked portfolio of residences.

Designed to marry high-tech and high-touch, Collections brings together the control homebuyers and agents have come to are expecting in following property listings online with the skills of the real property agent in recommending buildings that meet exciting criteria. Collections offers agents equipment to share real-time updates similar to availability and pricing changes, and for agent and client to speak on individual listings as well as the overall search.

whereas 51% of patrons discover the home they at last buy online, 88% depend on the talents of an agent to support them in that search, based on information from the country wide affiliation of Realtors. Collections represents an enormous improvement in customer-agent communication and a less complicated, streamlined method to manage the domestic search process online.

"Collections is the real estate trade's reply to the modern means individuals like to shop. these days, every little thing is ready curation and personalization. With that in intellect, we got down to build an intuitive and visually compelling way for customers and buyers to seek a home and interact with our agents," says Leonard Steinberg, the country's ideal real property agent and President of Compass. "Collections helps the homebuyer consider in handle of the system and makes looking for or selling a house less cumbersome and greater exciting." View Leonard's assortment of his favourite downtown ny penthouses here.

A beta version of the product was rolled out to Compass' basically 1,400 agents and their customers in November of 2016. Collections has viewed surprising engagement with just about 90% of agent groups and 10,000 purchasers already the usage of the device.

Collections' key features enable domestic buyers and marketers to:

  • prepare Listings: select a group of properties to beginning a collection the usage of Compass' search tools. Listings can be delivered or removed from a set at any time.
  • video display homes: stay up-to-date on pricing and availability of residences covered in a set. control the frequency and birth formulation of signals.
  • focus on homes of activity: beginning a dialog with an agent on an individual listing or delivery a dialogue on the average collection.
  • Collaborate with chums and family: Invite your significant other, folks or interior dressmaker to be a part of the assortment and have interaction in the dialogue or their personal properties for consideration.
  • Collections additionally acts as a modern advertising tool for agents in their client management and new company development efforts. With Collections brokers can:

  • exhibit comparably priced homes to consumers in the midst of a negotiation process.
  • better manipulate communications with historically difficult-to-attain consumers equivalent to foreign places multi-generational and spousal customers who want to share within the choice making.
  • Create a publicly-shareable assortment with new consumers to showcase their market expertise.
  • About Compass:

    Compass is a technology-pushed actual property company committed to making a seamless and clever home purchasing, promoting, and renting journey. Combining the country's desirable brokers, proprietary market insights, and built-in mobile and internet applied sciences, Compass is setting up the way forward for actual estate decision-making. Compass has places in ny metropolis, Washington DC, Boston, Miami, l. a., Santa Barbara, San Francisco, the Hamptons, and Aspen, and has raised $210 million in investor capital. For extra assistance on Compass, and to view exclusive Compass properties, visit www.compass.com.



    To view the customary edition on PR Newswire, consult with:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/compass-launches-collections-the-first-interactive-device-for-domestic-consumers-and-sellers-300426914.html

    Logging Into MongoDB Atlas With Compass

    MongoDB Atlas offers you with an easy and comfortable approach of internet hosting your MongoDB databases within the cloud. when you've deployed your MongoDB database to Atlas, you may also want to visualize your schema, and manipulate your information, all from the vigour and convenience of the MongoDB Compass GUI.

    during this tutorial i will walk you through connecting MongoDB Atlas, our Database-as-a-service, to Compass, the GUI for MongoDB to replace Luke Skywalker from Jedi to Sith Lord. I gained’t be the use of the drive; rather, i may be using CRUD on our favourite Jedi hero via Compass as a substitute of MongoDB shell.

    With MongoDB Compass which you could advert hoc queries or interact with full CRUD performance, with out exact abilities of the MongoDB query language. Compass is pretty versatile – which you can also get immediate perception into server popularity and question performance with visual explain plans and index utilization. We’ll come lower back to these.

    Getting began

    earlier than we deploy Compass and run our Atlas Cluster listed below are a couple of things to be aware about:

  • Compass is free for development usage. For creation use, you'll need an Atlas expert subscription.
  • we are going to be using an M0 Atlas Cluster, which is available without charge. This free tier does encompass some obstacles, which that you could view in our documentation.
  • as a result of i'm connecting from a remote system (my laptop) i will be able to should use an FQDN (totally certified domain name) to ensure i'm connecting to my basic.
  • make sure you have MongoDB three.four (and in selected, the MongoDB shell) put in to your local laptop you will be working with. (Our free tier requires that you just use three.four, the most contemporary version of MongoDB.)
  • setting up Compass

    installing Compass on my Mac is an easy manner. i can go to the MongoDB download core. There i can get the latest version of Compass for my operating gadget.

    Drag, drop, and go … we're already accomplished with our installation of Compass. it's time to spin up our M0 MongoDB Atlas Cluster, import our facts, after which ultimately visualize it with Compass.

    Your M0 Cluster

    if you’re simply getting all started with a small examine task on MongoDB, we suggest using our free tier M0 illustration on Atlas.

    Let's go to Atlas and spin up our M0:

  • Go to https://www.mongodb.com/atlas
  • Log in or check in (in case you have no current account)
  • click on build a brand new Cluster, and make sure to maintain hold of your username and password if you haven't created them during the past. (i admire to set them as bash variables $USERNAME and $PASSWORD)
  • select M0 (you're only permitted one per group) and provide it a reputation. you will best be able to launch your M0 in the us-east-1 region.
  • click on confirm & deploy
  • you will be caused for a CAPTCHA:
  • confirm you don't seem to be a robotic and your cluster will start the build process. This could take about 7 - 10 minutes. I used the jiffy to snag a dataset I can be the usage of to view and manipulate with Compass. celebrity Wars has been on my intellect recently, so i wished to manipulate and examine this star Wars characters JSON dataset offered via our friends at Tableau. with ease down load the JSON file and put it aside to your computer.

    Import the Dataset

    To import the JSON dataset to MongoDB, I used mongoimport, which is a part of the MongoDB suite of binary equipment. I ran right here command from my Mac to be sure that I had the suitable 3.4 version installed:

    bash-three.2$ mongoimport --version mongoimport version: r3.four.0 git edition: 3cc9a07766fb55de63e81a13e72f3c5a7c07f477 Go edition: go1.7.four os: darwin arch: amd64 compiler: gc

    OpenSSL version: OpenSSL 1.0.2j 26 Sep 2016

    At this aspect, I necessary to move again to MongoDB Atlas and grab our details about our fundamental so i can import our facts to it. I went to the Atlas interface and clicked on my Cluster identify:

    as soon as I click on Cluster0, I see the overview dashboard. you can effortlessly identify your primaries and secondaries during this view:

    through clicking probably the most particular person node names during this view, you're going to locate the entire hostname with the port to hook up with for the individual host, you'll also see the node's existing role within the cluster (simple or a Secondary):

    I reproduction the hostname if the fundamental node, after which use this together with our username and password to import our JSON information to Atlas:

    bash-three.2$ mongoimport --host cluster0-shard-00-00-cbei2.mongodb.web:27017 --db starwars --class json --file ~/computing device/starwarscharacterdata.json --jsonArray --authenticationDatabase admin --ssl --username $USERNAME --password $PASSWORD 2017-02-22T12:08:18.816-0500 no assortment specific 2017-02-22T12:08:18.816-0500 using filename 'starwarscharacterdata' as assortment 2017-02-22T12:08:18.922-0500 linked to: cluster0-shard-00-00-cbei2.mongodb.web:27017 2017-02-22T12:08:19.005-0500 imported 82 documents

    convenient stuff, so let's get back to why we did all this: Compass.

    Logging in With Compass

    once I log in with Compass, I crucial to be sure the node I’m connecting to is the basic reproduction set member. with out this, I won't be capable of really write to our database if we are looking to edit our records. when you are doubtful of which node is your simple, go back to the ultimate step and observe the directions on finding the basic to your cluster.

    Connecting to MongoDB the use of Compass is fairly essential: simply add in the tips we already have (username, password, host) and then join. I in reality like the capacity you should retailer these configurations. If this database turns into whatever I work with greater sooner or later (say, if I need to add some new characters from Rouge One), i'll be capable of connect at once. If my simple duplicate set member have been to exchange, the hostname might in reality be the simplest half i may need to adjust in the future.

    Let's look at what I entered to be able to create my connection:

    This basic view and the ability to save all of the data makes getting began extraordinarily quick. in order for you aid, just click on the chat icon to chat directly with the Compass group.

    We're IN!

    once I click connect, I’m capable of view the starwars database and assortment.

    i'm now able to query, view and edit any of the documents now hosted on our Atlas Cluster. i will be able to additionally evaluation performance, configure doc validation, and even see how numerous queries are achieved – but these are past the scope of this tutorial.

    To discover Compass’s CRUD capabilities, I’ll are trying a extremely primary endeavor of enhancing a piece of facts involving the doc for Luke Skywalker.

    I navigate to the document for Luke, click on the small pencil to the appropriate, and then start modifying the data. Let's make our Jedi friend look a bit more Sith nowadays by giving him purple eyes:

    here is something I could have carried out from the shell, however why? With this view, I even have more visibility into the constitution of other documents in this collection. in comparison to the shell, Compass offers me the ability to see which fields in the document had been strings and that have been integers. functionality like this helps these new to MongoDB to get productive faster, and are still tremendous effective, in spite of the fact that you’re popular with a way to entry the database by means of the shell.

    In Compass, I actually have the potential to operate CRUD operations on my information with no need to grasp the full query language. i can visualize the cluster, get performance metrics, and do things like view geospatial information graphically.

    The MongoDB shell is powerful, but it cannot do images. aspects like element and click entry to our records definitely store time and assist DBAs and SysAdmins. now not have they got to study the command-line strategies of dealing with queries without delay – fairly through the use of Compass, they may be capable of visualize their MongoDB datasets promptly and straightforward.

    For some additional info on the usage of Compass, that you would be able to review right here videos:


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    Winner of the Prix Goncourt, 'Compass' via Mathias Enard is unbelievable and frustrating

    Mathias Enard’s first novel posted in English, “Zone” (2010), takes the type of a 500-web page-lengthy sentence, the interior monologue of a French Croatian undercover agent on a train to the Vatican to promote a trove of secrets and techniques. His 2nd, “road of Thieves” (2014), is told from the aspect of view of a younger Moroccan caught up within the hope and chaos of the “Arab Spring.” the new novel, “Compass,” which gained the 2015 Prix Goncourt, France’s maximum literary honor, is as much an essay, a compendium, a rant and a polemic because it is a piece of fiction.

    The narrator, Franz Ritter, is an Austrian musicologist with a robust Orientalist bent and a fair superior obsession with a scholar of Orientialism, Sarah, with whom he has long been in (often) unrequited love. currently diagnosed with an unspecified terminal affliction, Ritter spends an extended dark night of the soul in his condo in his home city — Vienna, birthplace of Freud and Beethoven, once universal as the “Porta Orientalis” — in an insomniac reverie that pays homage to each “1000 and One Nights” and “in quest of lost Time,” even though here is a narrower latitude than it first seems, because Proust (Ritter tells us) became enamored of the “Nights” and used it as a model.

    If Scheherazade and Proust are the novel’s East and West, its North and South are W.G. Sebald (erudite melancholia) and Thomas Bernhard (a blitzkrieg of spleen). elsewhere on the crowded face of “Compass’ ” compass rose we locate Borges, Pessoa, Xavier de Maistre, Sadegh Hedayat (“the optimal Iranian prose-creator of the twentieth century, the darkest, the funniest, the nastiest”), Balzac, T.E. Lawrence, Robert Musil, Napoleon, Berlioz, Liszt, Beethoven, Felicien David, Edward stated. To identify a number of. every page is packed with biographical sketches, intellectual histories and misplaced episodes from the long, complicated, abusive romance that the West has for centuries been waging on the East.

    Enard become smart to write down about lecturers rather than, say, artists. where the latter need to obscure or sublimate their influences, the former are free to readily cite. If “Compass” had an index (extra’s the pity that it doesn’t) you may use it as the syllabus for a PhD program. in reality, one conceit of the novel is that Ritter is writing (or imagining he might write) a piece of scholarship (or a satire of a piece of scholarship) to be referred to as “On the Divers forms of Lunacie in the Orient,” which is (as a minimum partly) the unconventional we are reading, or it could had been if Ritter had written any of it down. This aspect of the booklet is, to be perfectly sincere, tense and a little bit dumb. It doesn’t work as a conceit or as a structural machine. but a second — and more advantageous — structure additionally exists: time-stamps used in lieu of chapter titles, breaking the publication into self-contained movements, which lends credence to Ritter’s thought that “tune is time concept out” whereas also helpfully charting the progress of the evening itself. the two buildings overlap devoid of acknowledging each and every other, imposing rival organizational concepts on the equal material.

    Sarah, as mentioned above, is Ritter’s brilliant love (although it’s less clear that he was ever hers) and so she serves because the emotional and moral compass of the radical’s title, or improved nevertheless, the true north toward which Ritter’s own inner compass features. (The handiest precise compass he owns became given to him as a gag gift: It seems to at all times aspect east.) All Ritter’s happiest memories are of time spent with Sarah in the core East, particularly Syria: “Aleppo become a city of stone, with limitless labyrinths of coated souks leading to the glacis of an impregnable fortress, and a latest metropolis, with parks and gardens, developed around the coach station, the southern branch of the Baghdad Bahn, which put Aleppo a week far from Vienna by means of Istanbul and Konya as early as January 1913….” in a similar fashion loving attention is paid to Damascus — where Ritter lived for a time, renting a flat from a mentor of Sarah’s — and to Palmyra. Of route “nowadays all these areas are prey to war, burning or burnt…” whilst Ritter himself is racked with sickness, depression and remorseful about. what's the demise physique if not a place of birth decimated by civil battle?

    modern jihadist violence is “a further horrible issue constructed with the aid of each East and West.” indeed, the primary demand world jihad within the twentieth century, Ritter notes, turned into conceived of and instigated by Germany and Austria in 1914 as part of a concerted effort to “create ailment in the English, French, and Russian Muslim colonies.” within the twenty first century, ISIS’ penchant for broadcasting beheadings and different remarkable acts of violence are designed to maximise Western fantasies of eastern savagery. “We Europeans see them with the horror of otherness; but this otherness is simply as terrifying for an Iraqi or a Yemenite. Even what we reject, what we hate, emerges in this commonplace imaginal world. What we establish in these atrocious decapitations as ‘other’, ‘distinctive’, ‘Oriental’, is just as ‘other’, ‘diverse’, and ‘Oriental’ for an Arab, a Turk, or an Iranian.” basically it's while travelling a museum in Tehran that Ritter receives the probability to event this phenomenon rather than in simple terms observe it: His German accent is overheard with the aid of an Iranian Nazi (an exemplarily perverse made of Occident-Oriental cultural trade, if ever there was one) who's thrilled to meet some of the originals to which his imitation consciously aspires. whereas Ritter laments “the violence of imposed identities,” Sarah requires a search “beyond the stupid repentance of some or the colonial nostalgia of others, a new vision that comprises the different within the self. On either side.”

    analyzing “Compass” introduced me back time and again to a line from Borges: “A publication which does not comprise its counter book is considered incomplete.” This novel consists of many books and all of their counter books. Ritter himself is a knot of contradiction: He implores his reader to “cherish the different in the self, recognize it, love this tune it is all songs” but blithely remarks of his putative loved, “every little thing is her fault, the swish of a petticoat sweeps a man away greater obviously than a hurricane.” (speakme of “the violence of imposed identities,” does any individual accept as true with that Sarah has ever worn a petticoat?)

    “Compass” is as difficult, outstanding, and — God help me — crucial a novel as is probably going to be published this 12 months, however there turned into multiple event on which I had to stop myself from throwing it throughout the room.

    Taylor’s most recent booklet is the short story collection “Flings.”


    by Mathias Enard

    New instructions: 464 pp., $26.95

    Ex-Hells Angel now a jeweler, craftsman — and collector of thongs

    South Sounder and ex-Hells Angel Carey Hurlstone is working to get his identify in the Guinness book of World statistics due to a fairly peculiar collection of garments.

    thousands of thongs in all sizes and colours are tacked to the rafters of Mr. Hurlstone’s workshop, “the Bikini house,” on South Sound road, where he welcomes guests with his handcrafted roadside sign, “Carey’s Black Coral.”

    during the past 10 years, he has accrued greater than 1,000 women’s thongs, which he keeps a listing of in an legit “Thong book.” His first thong changed into donated through Adrienne Barnave of new Jersey on Jan. 22, 2004.

    “i like gathering them and sometimes ask americans who seek advice from the shop to make a donation,” he said. He also collects bikinis and has a whole bunch of them as well. On a contemporary seek advice from to the workshop, the Cayman Compass had the probability to discover greater about this charming native persona.

    Born in South Sound in 1936, Mr. Hurlstone, 81, like most younger Caymanian guys, went to sea for work, becoming a member of national Bulk carrier ships at age 17.

    however the lifetime of a seaman was no longer within the books for this wonderful and gifted South Sounder, who has many amusing memories to inform.

    before lengthy, Mr. Hurlstone jumped ship to be a part of the Hells Angels – a motorcycle gang formed in 1948 in California by the Bishop family unit.

    Mr. Hurlston said he obtained involved after one of the gang participants saw him function judo moves on a person all the way through a combat. They promised to teach him to ride if he confirmed them judo, and he agreed.

    “i needed some pleasure and that i bought it too,” Mr. Hurlstone recalled. “i used to be younger and silly, i needed to learn about motorcycles – but lots of bad issues changed into accomplished.”

    Mr. Hurlstone in the door of his workshop. – photographs: Jewel Levy

    He talked about the Hells Angels did every thing that was bad – battle, smash up nightclubs and beat up individuals.

    Rolling up his shirt sleeve, Mr. Hurlstone printed the Hells Angels insignia of “AFFA” – Angels continually, invariably Angels – tattooed on his arm.

    The style of the rogue lifestyles waned, although, and he left the Hells Angels after being with the group for more than 10 months, and made his method back to Cayman by way of boat.

    however back domestic, life would no longer be that convenient for him. He found strange jobs as a furniture builder, and developed the little workshop in South Sound he nevertheless has these days.

    Mr. Hurlstone also begun ingesting and doing medicine, and he mentioned he went through just a few marriages earlier than falling madly in love with a George city woman named Merrill, who he affectionately known as “Kitten.” He noted it was she who would retailer him from extra ruining his lifestyles.

    After a night of partying when, he talked about, he single-handedly smashed up the premises of the historic Seaview inn, Mr. Hurlstone stated she advised him he needed to stop the medicine and alcohol or she become leaving.

    He resolved to stop, but he stated the withdrawal from medication and alcohol turned him “thundering mad,” and at times suicidal, for a yr and seven months.

    “some thing begun crawling in all places me, I began to shake and sweat from the withdrawal, however I knew I had to stick it out if i needed to have my lady,” he recalled.

    “I fought that demon and eventually got off it with the aid of my mother, father and female friend.”

    He eventually proposed to “Kitten” and the couple married and had a daughter, Princess.

    “My spouse tells me it became Jesus that grew to become my lifestyles round. He simplest sent her as an instrument to do his work. I’m a fine guy now, making a decent living after giving up that life 38 years in the past.”

    He pointed out not even for a prize of $10 million would he take a drink of alcohol again.

    “It’s a demon asleep internal that I under no circumstances ever want to wake once more,” he talked about.

    Carey Hurlstone feeds ‘Einstein’ the chicken.

    An avid collector

    at the moment Mr. Hurlstone spends most of his time in his workshop. along with amassing thongs, he crafts and collects items akin to black coral earrings, knives and marbles. He additionally has a passion for animals and continues somewhat just a few round his workshop as pals, including a handsome rooster he named Einstein.

    His collection of near 100,000 marbles is displayed in bottles around his workshop.

    “One Christmas morning I discovered a bit bag of marbles under the Christmas tree with ‘Carey’ written on it. The collection grew from there,” he noted.

    “When people visit the workshop, some take my tackle and ship marbles from their country.”

    like the thongs, the bottles are marked with donors’ names and dates. He has marbles from as far away as Australia, and noted he is pleased with both enormous mild-reflecting green marbles that Englishman Keith Raffenty sent him from the United Kingdom. Mr. Raffenty advised Mr. Hurlstone the marbles had been all the time saved on his grandparents’ mantle piece, and once they died and left him the residence, he found the marbles were still there.

    Mr. Hurlstone’s assortment of hand-carved knives is barely as awesome.

    After meeting founder Bo Randall of Randall Made Knives, he all started carving his personal knives, some to keep and others to promote.

    “My knives have certainly not touched electric powered equipment, they're all a labor of affection made from Cayman wood, and ivory,” he pointed out.

    Mr. Hurlstone additionally collects painted plates of the united states’s most noted sailing ships fired by the Danbury Mint in Connecticut, usa.

    “When my sister-in-legislation Eve vegetation turned into alive, she would ship one each month from the States,” he stated. In a body screen on his workshop wall are 25 desirable plates.

    costly antique Lucchese Western boots are additionally in his collection.

    “Boots are the footwear I put on. One of these [pair of] boots in decent condition can sell for over $2,000,” he noted.

    Carey Hurlstone’s thong assortment hangs from his workshop’s rafters.


    searching again on the adjustments that have come to Cayman, Mr. Hurlstone is grateful for the instances he has lived through.

    Mr. Hurlstone in no way went to college however can study and write. He referred to he turned into even provided a job by using a hallmark representative because of his desirable handwriting.

    “I told her if she brought it to Cayman and let me do it within the nook of my workshop, it changed into ok with me. When she observed i might ought to go to the usa, I told her i would quite dwell in Cayman and make little cash than go to united states and make plenty cash,” he talked about.

    a few days in the past, he mentioned, he went to the grocery store and saw one hind fish and two white grunt fish packaged up and promoting for $6. He referred to he idea to himself, if he changed into to head up to the graveyard and exhibit it to his daddy, he would roll over in his grave.

    “In my young days, we might have to go out in shoal water and get 20 pounds of fish to get $6,” he stated.

    Mr. Hurlstone fished and played marbles a lot transforming into up. There changed into no site visitors on South Sound highway then and he spent many hours within the sandy streets spinning gigs along with his friends.

    “these were the respectable historical days – i will seem again and honestly say I lived in a duration when it was first rate instances and it changed into Cayman. That’s what comforts me. but now it’s distinct,” he referred to.

    He referred to in South Sound there have been simplest just a few thatch-roofed houses and dust roads and the people lived in team spirit and love.

    “When the thatch become rotten and leaking on a residence within the regional, every person pitched in to cut thatch and we might boil conch and breadfruit for the americans to eat after they had been working. we are able to under no circumstances see these days again.

    “I tell my daughter nowadays … I lived via some eye-catching days, but it doesn’t belong to us anymore.”

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